TNFIRST FTC Tennessee Championship – Registration Opened

Registration for TNFIRST FTC Tennessee Championship is now opened at our new website:

The event will be Feb 8 , 2020 at the Alumni Gym on the MTSU campus in Murfreesboro, TN.

This registration process is on a totally new TNFIRST website using a totally new host engine with new registration web apps. It is similar to last year’s registration in that it allows checkout by Paypal account, by credit/debit card, or by an offline payment (via check). It has been tested and is good to go. It SHOULD stop allowing registrations when we hit the 30 team limit that we currently have in place. But that is one aspect of the site we would not simulate very easily. So there is a very slim chance you may register and we may be “FULL”. If that happens, we will follow up directly and work to get things figured out.

Also, there is some BIG NEWS this year that is not an ideal situation. This year FTC partner events (like the TNFIRST FTC event on Feb 8, 2020) only have ONE team that will get a formal invitation to the FTC World Championship in Houston. Last year we had TWO invitations. That does mean the Inspire Award winner at our Feb 8, 2020 event is the initial team invitation. And, as has been in place in year’s past, there is a hierarchy of teams who get the invitation if the Inspire Award winning team already has an invitation to the World Championship in Houston….for example, the winning alliance captain’s team is the “second world championship invitation team”. And so on…..

You’ll notice that the registration process is open to Tennessee FTC teams only at this point. So please take advantage of that preference soon and get registered if you plan to attend this year’s event.

Obviously, please let Mike Wehrenberg ( know if the registration system does not work as expected. We’ve worked hard to get the new website in place for all for levels of FIRST competition here in TN and I know there is more work to be done! Please reach out and let us know if there are any questions or comments on the FTC registration process or on the site in general.

Good luck this SKYSTONE season!!!!

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