ServoCity Support for FTC Teams

From ServoCity:

I wanted to reach out and introduce our company. I am with ServoCity, an online retail store specializing in servos, gearboxes and vast array of other mechanical parts. Our Actobotics® product line is used by many FIRST® teams in their robot designs.

We have been working with FIRST® teams for a few years now and have truly enjoyed our experience and relationships with them! We are expanding our support with FIRST® teams, specifically FTC. This year we’ve created four new initiatives to help FTC teams and their budgets go further. We hope this information will be valuable to you and the teams in your state.

These are just a few of the ways we are partnering with FIRST® teams. We believe in FIRST’s mission and look forward to becoming involved with the engagement of youth in STEM education. Please let us know how we might be able to work with you in an effort to provide the teams in your state with the resources they need. Please feel free to visit our Actobotics FIRST Hub to learn more

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