Scrimmage Held

On Saturday November 8th Nashville FTC Team RPG hosted a scrimmage and demonstration for a large crowd at the Southeast branch of the Davidson County Library in Antioch TN. A team from Harpeth and the RPG team ran their competition robots all day long to the delight of hundreds of onlookers.
A homeschooling family planning to start a team next year drove all the way from Memphis to learn from the event, while a visitor from Baltimore stopped to ask how to get his daughter on a team. Tennessee’s new FIRST Senior Mentor Sydney was on hand along with Kevin and Cindy Garnto, other coaches, mentors, and at least a dozen young team members to answer questions as well as learn from each other.

We were shown the FLL robot which serves as the team’s programming platform while the competition robot is under construction. The 12’x12′ field demonstrated the complex game elements including a deceptively slippery pair of ramps.

Both teams’ programmers took time out of their day to help Wil get the University of Memphis robot operational using RobotC and Team RPG donated a critical Samantha module power cable for the effort.

Thank you to all who participated, it was a very good day.

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